My research has focused on factors affecting population and community dynamics of freshwater fish and invertebrates, especially the role of disturbance in community dynamics, impacts of introduced species in aquatic ecosystems, and aquatic ecosystem conservation. As part of this work, I attempt to bridge the gap between studies done at small spatial scales and the larger spatial scales necessary to understand how natural and human impacts affect population and community dynamics in stream ecosystems.  These projects and related work are carried out using a combination of observation, experimentation in the field and lab, and modeling approaches.

I work with post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students,  and technicians in a team doing basic and applied research to address conservation and ecological questions.  I currently have a Post-Doctoral Fellow, four PhD students, one MS student and a Honor's undergrad working with me.  Much of our work takes place in the Ozark Highlands, but we have also worked in other regions of the US as well as internationally.. ​Clitct me.

Flow Alteration Research

We are modeling flow alteration and water withdrawal, examining trends and forecasting, and relating flow to stream biotic communities.

Invasive Species Research

We are examining effects of invasive crayfish species on stream ecosystem structure and function. We are also examining crayfish ecology and population genetics to better conserve species of concern.

Current Research Projects


Prospective Students

I am regularly interested in taking on graduate students. I currently have a research assistantship available to examine factors affecting smallmouth bass distribution and abundance. Contact me using the link above or at



Adrienne Ingram gave a poster and Dan gave a talk at the American Fisheries Society/Wildlife Society joint conference in Reno, NV.

October 2019

Leah Bayer joins our team as a PhD student. She comes to us from Youngstown State University.  She was an REU student with us in Summer 2017.

August 2019

Greta Savitsky joined our team as an REU student. She is examining effects of nutrient limitation and flow regime on algal abundance in headwater streams.​

June 2019


What can fishes (and other georeferenced biological data) tell us about spatial patterns of hydrologic disturbance? Turns out, quite a lot!

May 2019

We have a new paper out on flow-ecology relationships in Journal of Applied Ecology.  Check out the blog.

Feb 2019

We have a new paper out on flow alteration-ecology relationships in Science of the Total Environment.

Feb 2019

We have a new paper out modeling effects of invasive species and drought on crayfish extinction risk.

Jan 2019

About Our Lab
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