Lab News

Some recent events happening in the lab.


There is always a lot going on in our lab from exciting and noteworthy to mundane, but crucial.  Here are some of the latest.


Leah Bayer joins our team as a PhD student. She comes to us from Youngstown State University.  She was an REU student with us in Summer 2017.

August 2019

Greta Savitsky joined our team as an REU student. She is examining effects of nutrient limitation and flow regime on algal abundance in headwater streams.​

June 2019


What can fishes (and other georeferenced biological data) tell us about spatial patterns of hydrologic disturbance? Turns out, quite a lot!

May 2019

We have a new paper out on flow-ecology relationships in Journal of Applied Ecology.  Check out the blog.

Feb 2019

We have a new paper out on flow alteration-ecology relationships in Science of the Total Environment.

Feb 2019

We have a new paper out modeling effects of invasive species and drought on crayfish extinction risk.

Jan 2019

Dan taught Fish Ecology Spring semester.​

Spring 2019

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